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Welcome to Kirche43’s website!

This website is designed to give you the opportunity to get to know our Church, its members and activities.
If you want to know more, you’re welcome to join us at our service on Sunday mornings at 11am, which includes lunch.
Our pastor Torsten Klotzsche is also available on Tuesday and Wednesday from 5-7 pm. Alternativly you can also phone our office for an appointment.


Why Kirche43?

>Kirche means church, and as a church here in Marzahn, Berlin, we want to be a home for people of all age groups. This means also, that we welcome everyone, whether you are looking for a church, or going through a peronal crisis or you’re simply curious and searching for meaning in your life.
The number 43 in our name has several reasons.
Firstly, it is taken from the old GDR post (zip) code for Marzahn. In GDR times this was O-1143 (O stood for east Berlin, and 11 Berlin, so 43 was for Marzahn).
Also, in Jeremiah 4:3 we read "Break up your unploughed ground and do not sow among thorns." We want to plough new land here (that means e.g: not enticing members from other churches) and sow God’s message, so that people experience his presence and forgiveness personally.

If you’re curious, please come visit us.

Videos, used during on of our last sunday services.
The Lord’s prayer in Swahili:

16.07.2015, 11:00 Uhr:
bis einschl. 12.8. wegen Urlaub leider keine Sprechstunde

11:00 Uhr: Gottesdienst mit Mittagessen

19:30 Uhr: Frauenhauskreis - Sommerpause

17:00 Uhr: bis 19 Uhr Sprechstunde Gemeindebüro

17:00 Uhr: bis 19 Uhr Sprechstunde Gemeindebüro
19:30 Uhr: Gebetsabend

18:30 Uhr: Spieleabend
19:15 Uhr: Kiezkino (jeden 1. Do. im Monat)

18:00 Uhr: Teenagertreff mit Sommerprogramm
21:30 Uhr: 14 tägig JEGA (Junger Erwachsenen Gemeinde Abend)

19:30 Uhr: Gebetsabend (jeden 2. Samstag im Monat)